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Are We There Yet

Un cocktail original créé par Nicole Salicetti à l'occasion du Cognac Connection Challenge 2022

(Recette en anglais ci-dessous)

Cognac VSOP — 1.5 oz Oloroso sherry — 1/4 oz Lemon juice — 1/2 oz Genmaicha tea syrup* — 1/2 oz Lavender bitter — 1 drop Angostura bitters — 1 dash 1 | Build all ingredients in shaker. 2 | Shake with ice and strain into chilled Nick and Nora. 3 | Garnish with miniature chamomile and rose buds. *Genmaicha Tea Syrup Simmer 200 grams of water and steep 2 sachets of Genmaicha tea for 15 minutes. Stir in 400 grams of sugar until fully dissolved and let cool.


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